Summer Camp

fvlv5vFGZe9gfnSUWr3QfvSSo4tJwLHCVtV7qYEGIwBTNa6ZdKPOWLRNrVkfzP03umkidJHkeKYaGc95DRsDC3Summer Camp for  Wolves (~7 years old) and Bears (~8 Years old) is usually a 2-Night Weekend Summer Camp experience during the Month of July at Camp Snyder in Haymarket, VA . For more info about Summer Programs at Camp Snyder, please visit Camp Snyder website.


TKSpEfzCkmzvPFPUjyzGqOVCku7nwUJuRMCmhUBjRySSummer Camp for Webelos I (~9 Years Old) and Webelos II (~10 Years Old) is usually during the Month of July or August at Camp Ross at Goshen Scout Reservation  – About 180 Miles (3+ Hours) Away.  For more information about Camp Ross, please visit Camp Ross website.